Mexicans rank hardest working in a new survey

Mexico was recently named as the hardest working country of all OECD members. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development includes 34 countries with a goal to “stimulate economic progress and world trade” (

The average Mexican citizen works 10 hours a day in both paid work and non-paid domestic work.  Of all paid work, women actually work an average of 261 minutes more per day than their male counterparts.  When taking into account the amount of domestic non-paid work that women do, women by far taken greater responsibility of their family’s economic situation.


Among the social indicators that the OECD measured in this study called the “Panorama of Society”, the OECD also looked at infant mortality rates which are a major development indicator.  Mexico has experienced a declining infant mortality rate of about 29 per every 1000 live births.  Despite the violent drug war that has engulfed much of the nation, Mexico is ranked third as the nation that most enjoys life. The majority of Mexicans did say however that they are struggling to live on their current paychecks.  Ranked second and third in the study were Turkey and South Korea respectively.


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